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WordPress is the biggest platform used for building websites with more than 75 million users worldwide. Even though all the websites are built from the same core code, they might not have anything in common. And this thanks to the large variety of WordPress themes which has full control of the appearance of the site. 

In other words, your theme is representative of your brand. So it’s crucial to choose a theme the would reflect your website ideas and goals. To, start with you can choose even a free theme, which some of these are really good and have even customer support. But even here the choice isn’t easy. Because there are thousands of free themes on the web, and this might turn into a real challenge.

A WordPress theme is made from three parts: the core code, the theme, and the plugins. If you decide to go for a good free WordPress theme it should be enough to create a good website with all the basic features. The theme is responsible for all customization options and the plugins control the site appearance and specialized functions. The personalized combination of these different elements makes your website unique.

Since every WordPress site needs a theme to work properly, these are essentials. The theme customization usually provides a large variety of options to let you build it accounting for your brand. Also, there are some themes that will give you specific customization options according to your niches, such as fitness, travel, photography, and more.

Themes usually can be installed with one click from your admin dashboard or can be uploaded manually. From your dashboard, you can access a large library of free and premium themes, customizing your search by name, or other specific features. To install a theme directly from your admin dashboard, go to the Theme Directory, just select the theme, and click Install. After the theme has been installed activate the theme by clicking Activate. The same things are for the themes downloaded elsewhere, after you upload the theme to your dashboard follow the same instructions.

Choosing a good and free WordPress theme for your site depends on your website vision your developing knowledge and your previous experiences with building websites. It’s important to have a clear idea of all the features that your site will need. It would be recommendable to choose a theme that has some pre-made templates built in it, it’s SEO-Friendly and responsive to other devices. Some of the most popular WordPress Premium themes offer a smaller free version of themselves. You can try one of these free options and upgrade to another time if you think you need even the extra features.

Another thing that is recommendable to take into consideration when choosing a theme is to support the most popular plugins. Sooner or later you are going to need some of these. Many themes come with some pre-installed plugins. Make sure that your theme is compatible with the most used plugins for security, or content management.

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PDF submission has been recognized as a highly effective way of engaging customers, improving website visibility, and far more. Do you know what the entry of PDF signifies and the way many PDF submission sites will be able to help you?

We are here in order to guide you. Here you can find out everything there is about PDF entry. Additionally, we will give you the best websites for the entry of PDFS.

What does PDF Submission Mean in SEO?

Search engine optimization experts realize that PDF entry is crucial. It functions as a significant off-page strategy. As an effective method of backlinking, it allows you to submit PDF to a number of websites. By doing so, you’re in a position to maximize your site’s visibility. Consequently, PDF submission sites are made.

Using these websites, it is easy to submit the PDF to enhance your ranking on search engines such as Google. If you are thinking about how all this is attained, then you should be aware that prior to submission, PDFs are featured with engaging articles. This is why the outcome attained is maximum as well as the entry functions as an investment.

Before accessing the PDF submission sites, it’ll be useful to comprehend how a PDF needs to be filed. For doing so, the first requirement would be to write meaningful content. This may be made as an MS Word file.

Ensure that you feature the content with relevant keywords. Additionally, don’t forget to divide the content into many subheadings for easy comprehension of the reader. In the event you wish to, you can add hyperlinks to the keywords in addition to the subheadings made.

The next step is to turn that MS Word file into a PDF format. After turning it you can stop by the PDF submission website and just upload it. That’s all you will have to do.

How Do PDF submission Sites Benefit You?

1. Better Engagement and Traffic for Your Site Internet users exist in vast amounts. PDF submission websites lists of sites give you an excellent chance of uploading good PDFs and sharing them with these users. So many users reading your content means more engagement. Further, when sufficient links to your website have been added to the PDFs, you can anticipate good traffic.

2. Enhancing the Rank of Your Pages

Throughout the websites out there for submitting PDFs, there are high chances you will be able to accelerate your page ranking. The outcomes in various search engines rely on a certain purchase. When a bigger quantity of audience participates with the PDFs submitted by you, its downloads also go up. So, the arrangement on the outcomes of many search engines relies on gets changed. And your page rank goes up.

3. Best Way to Improve Your Website’s Organic Traffic

The websites out there for PDF submission may perform a great deal in attracting organic visitors to your site. Consequently, if you are among people that are not satisfied with the organic visitors at present, then you can earn PDF submission your following strategy to try. In addition to greater SERP, the organic visitors to your site will get a boost as you had expected.

Good PDF Entry Tips You Have to Have a look at
Before you publish any PDF into a submission website, these 5 tips will be really helpful to you.

1. Always ensure your PDF file is a text file that is readable. Doing this will enable various search engines to attempt to read it.

2. The title of your PDF ought to be as intriguing as possible. This may do a lot in bringing more eyes and clicks.

3. In case your PDF carries images or graphics, you should add Alt Text to it. Or else, search engineers might fail to comprehend it.

4. Sometimes, PDF content is filed just for getting more backlinks. If so, you will simply be spamming the website. And any benefits from it may be unlikely.

5. Certain PDF submission lists of websites allow you to incorporate tags for increasing visibility. If the website on which you are submitting it also allows you exactly the same, then make sure to utilize it.

Thinking about that the Above

Since it is possible to summarise, the sites for PDF entry come with numerous benefits. By improving your site’s visitors to supplying internet users with great content, PDF submission has been quite valuable. With this post, we hope you understood what critical for the submission of a PDF.

By: Richard Clement

Can we take this whole internet thing one step further and host our site ourselves on our own PC? Well, the basic answer is no! If you need to get a site live quickly or cheaply, it can be nearly impossible to do it yourself. Outsourcing these tasks to professional web host prividers that will save you money and headaches. The company will lodge your site on a web server, make the necessary connections between your domain name and their server configurations and then you’re up and running. Your site is out there on the internet for all to see . But there are so many web hosts. How can somebody choose between them?

Different companies offer different plans, features, transfer rates and support levels, so how can you choose what’s right for you?

The problem is that there are so many, and to some shoppers, there is a lot of technical jargon that can get in the way of picking the right one. This article is meant to simplify matters a bit by giving a reasonable way to estimate a web host’s value.

The first thing to be done is to decide what you need your page to do.Is this you personal site, business site or some organization’s site. Do you think selling things on your site, or maybe managing a forum , do you need a hit counter ect. These are just some of the questions you need to answer yourself before even starting to choose.

There are more factors in what will determine the best hosting provider for you and that will be the primary goal of this artcle.

First thing to consider: Storage Space and Data Transfer
A small information site or personal site will usually only require a few megabytes of disk space, however, data transfer depends on the size of the pages your are offering your visitors multiplied by the number of visitors. Therefore, a popular and graphics heavy website requires a greater monthly transfer than a text site. You should look at a minimum of 2 GB (2000 MB) data transfer a month. Check with the company that they can upgrade your account if your site increases it’s need for storage or monthly data transfer. Prepare for growth now so that you are not caught off guard by unexpected costs when you go to expand your services.

Second thing to consider: Reliability
For any online business, uptime is critical. You absolutely cannot go with a host that has an uptime of less than 95%.

No web host can have 100% uptime, and it’s impossible to guarantee. Avoid any hosts promising more than they can deliver. Most claim 99.9% uptime, but due to the nature of computers and communications equipment, outages will and do occur occasionally. You can contact a company and ask, but they will tell you they’re very reliable. Instead, ask for a couple of sites they currently host, that you can check out for yourself. The word of mouth is probably most powerful in helping to judge these companies.

Third thing to consider: Technical Support
Critical to success, you’ll need an internet hosting company that can help you resolve problems quickly with the least possible disruption to your site activity. As most hosting companies offer inclusive technical support, you shouldn’t pay extra for this. If you’re not offered 24 hours/7 days you should look elsewhere. Most hosts have email support, but keep an eye out for hosts that have phone numbers listed. These are obviously more valuable. Though some hosts have excellent turn around on email service requests, there’s no substitute for actually being able to talk to somebody if you need to. The test is to contact the company and ask questions. If they don’t reply within 48 hours, or don’t reply at all, consider another hosting company. A good company should reply within 24-48 hours.

Fourth thing to consider: Added Features
Various internet hosting companies offer a variety of services. Web hosters provide a listing of overwhelming features to hosting plans to entice you into joining their services. However, more importantly, what features you need and what ones you don’t need. Make a list of what you know your website must be able to do and find out if the company you are researching can make it happen for you.

If you are paying for a website, you should definitely be getting email accounts and FTP access. Don’t settle for a site without them. Make sure the email addresses are for your domain and not at your host’s domain. FTP access is critical is you intend to do any amount of uploading files to your server. Don’t settle for web applications. Also, you will want a host that provides a user control over these two features. Examples of services include also visitor counts, e-mail forwarding options, real time chat, shopping cart functions, and web statistics. The list goes on. With a predetermined needs list in hand, you won’t forget to ask important questions.

Fifth thing to consider: Pricing Structure
If the previous four steps check out, then you need to consider price and this can vary widely. You need to consider setup fees, monthly fees, plan discounts and optional extras in your calculations. Don’t let price be the primary factor in your decision unless you are launching a personal page. For ecommerce, businesses and organizations, the quality of the service is more important. Some companies offer you no monthly fees, but check the fine print before agreeing to anything. Free sites almost always have popups or require space invasive banners. Don’t simply look for the lowest price. You need to know how much the prices will grow as you expand your services and customer base. Ask about a variety of scenarios. For example, a small business owner who knows he will only need a small site to get started should ask about internet service provider hosting prices for medium sized websites with a larger number of visitors.Think for the future!

Keep also in mind that the most expensive plan is not necessarily the best, and the biggest name company may not be the right match for you.

Many perfectly fine packages for small businesses now run between $15 – $25 per month. Some people say that there are three types of Web Hosts: free hosts, cheap hosts and good hosts – and there is more than a grain of truth in this.

A good web host company will not tie you into a long-term contract that will prevent you moving if you don’t like the service.

Final words:
The most important thing to remember is to research and shop around. The are options and features that are offered by a wide variety of web host providers that is bound to suit you. The more requirements you have, the most likely you pay more. But paying for a quality web host provider is a good investment especially if your business will in the future become more reliant on the Internet. Finally, don’t hesitate to ask questions and inquire about the services of web hosts – you don’t want to regret it later.

Finally you can find more information about web hosting services visiting my site

Author Bio
Richard Clement is an online publisher dedicated in helping online users in various categories. He is an online marketing specialist and owner of ItStandard.Net hosting company. For more info visit his site

By: Jay Conners

One of the key essentials when it comes to making you and your business successful is advertising.

Unfortunately most of us cannot afford to advertise during the super bowl with commercials, or place digital signs along Times Square.

Beyond the mailers and business cards, there is another way to get your name and product circulating among the masses.

The best part of it is, it will cost you next to nothing, and your customer will be doing all of the work for you.

A personal story …
When I was in the mortgage business, I found out by accident one of the best ways to advertise myself and my business.

I have always found it to be in good practice to show my appreciation to my customers by sending them a token of my appreciation by sending them a thank you gesture of some kind, once the loan was closed.

As time went on, and I began to make a little more money, I had a few extra bucks to spend on my high end customers to show them my appreciation for doing business with me.

Not that I was spending a fortune on my customers, just a few extra dollars on every loan closing, it only seemed fair.

Then something extraordinary happened.

I had a couple who had just settled on their first home. Around the time that they had just moved into their new home, I sent them both a gift basket to their respected places of employment.

When the gift baskets arrived, they were thrilled to death. Of course everyone in their office was curious and wanted to know where the gift basket came from and who sent it, and of course my customers were happy to tell them all about me, and all I had done for them.

This lead to many questions from the on lookers. A few of their co-workers just so happened to be in the market for a mortgage, and they asked if they could have my information, which was happily surrendered.

Think about it, when someone at your office receives flowers, balloons, or a gift basket, aren’t you curious to know who sent them? Most of us are.

From this one gesture alone, I ended up closing two more loans. And of course, when those two loans closed, I did the same thing with the gift basket, and it had the same effect.

It then dawned on me that I could really make this technique work for me.

Not only did I send my customers gift baskets upon the closing of their loan, I would send one when the loan was approved and when their appraisal came in. This gave me three attempts at getting the attention of their entire office.

Definitely think about doing something along these lines. There is no better, or cheaper way of getting the attention of a whole lot of people at once. Trust me, this technique works, it worked for me, and it can work for you!

Author Bio
Jay Conners has more than fifteen years of experience in the banking and Mortgage Industry, He is the owner of, a mortgage resource site, he is also the owner of, a mortgage lead company.